Anglesey Council on Penrhos Nature Reserve

Anglesey Council on Penrhos Nature Reserve

On Wednesday, 1 February 2023, the Planning and Orders Committee of Anglesey County Council held a virtual live-streamed meeting.

Following receipt of legal correspondence regarding Penrhos Nature Reserve, it was recommended the Land and Lakes applications be deferred to the next Planning and Orders Committee in March. This will provide the Committee with sufficient time to consider the contents of the letter and to respond accordingly.

When Anglesey County Council publicised the above on Twitter, @anyotherbiz79 responded to the post with, “I hope you have the sense to listen to your residents and say ‘no’ to development! This area contains protected species making what you’ve done saying ‘yes’ in the first place illegal!”

@AnyOtherBiz79 response to Anglesey Council’s Planning & Orders post on Twitter

@RobinTosh aka Robin Williams, County Councillor of Aethwy responded, “Permission was granted way before my time as a councillor, so perhaps you’d like to explain what I’ve done that’s illegal? Alternatively, you’re welcome to delete this libellous tweet.”

@RobinTosh response to @AnyOtherBiz79

What Cllr Robin Williams (not the comic actor) failed to realise is Any Other Biz was responding to a Tweet written by Anglesey Council regarding the Planning and Orders Committee, which Any Other Biz pointed out.

Other Twitter users including Brynteg joined in the discussion. @MycamStudio replied, “All eyes are on the council now the public have legal representation & press are keeping watch. All it takes is for planning permission to be denied should these councillors wish to keep our vote at next election.”

@MycamStudio response to @AnyOtherBiz79

No further comment was made by Cllr Robin Williams or Anglesey Council.

In another Tweet posted by Anglesey Council, they promote the

Opportunity to get involved with Anglesey’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty team with projects on the island.

Perhaps Anglesey Council should practice what they preach and get involved rather than allow its destruction as they did with Land and Lakes plans to demolish Penrhos Nature Reserve!

Anglesey Council’s hypocritical view on Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Click here to watch the Planning and Orders Committee meeting in full.


  1. Brian Groome

    Robin Williams may not have been around when original permission was granted, but he is now so do something about it now, stand up and be counted, listen to the people, Penrhos has numerous protected species, that makes its destruction illegal, end of story,

    • Absolutely. He probably knows this already, but instead suggests the comment be deleted, which I’m sure goes against freedom of speech?

  2. Elaine Payne

    Robin Williams response was childish at best & pathetic at worst. Nobody named him personally. The comment was addressed to Anglesey Council & Mr Williams should wind his neck in & try to do something now to right this wrong

    • Given he is not the Councillor of Holyhead goes to show how uninterested he is in Penrhos and is more interested in attacking the public with his remarks.

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