Our canine friends have their own section for their owners to explore on their dog’s behalf.

Dogs play a huge part in the family and are as important as any other family member, so it is fitting the dogs have their section too.

Dog-Friendly Beaches
To start off with, the most important and enjoyable part of a holiday for a dog and family is exercise. Where else is more enjoyable than the beach?

During the tourist season, there are guides to where your dog is allowed to take you for his or her exercise running, swimming, digging, and like my two dogs, eating their favourite dry seaweed.

Dog-Friendly Places
On this page, you will find a map of places your dog is allowed to take you. Whether it be a meal, to the beach, or their favourite pet store. Also just in case, details for the vet are on the map too.

If you think anything has been missed or you would like to see added to Dog’s Digest, please contact me on the email below or leave it as part of your feedback.