Update on renovations

It has been some time since an update on renovations on Brynteg. This is mainly due to focusing on other projects and wanting to finish off work on the annexe.

Although there are minor finishing touches to apply to the annexe, the development has transformed the building from an empty cold shell to a small comfortable home.

Annexe - May 2017
Transformation of the annexe from 2017 to 2023
Annexe kitchen before
The kitchen

The only finishing touches the kitchen area requires are the edging strip for the worktop, cupboard door, roller blind on the window and partition wall the bathroom door will slide into.

The Annexe bathroom
The bathroom
The Annexe living room
The lounge

The lounge went from being a drafty, cold and empty shell to a comfortable living area with underfloor heating and insulated walls. The heating and insulation works so well that in winter we only have the heating on 2 hours a day.

The kitchen

The before photo was taken when we were using the annexe as a storage area whilst we were living in the caravan. We did try to live in the annexe when we first moved to Anglesey, but it was too cold and damp inside.

Now, apart from the cupboard doors and drawer fronts, the kitchen area of the annexe adds to the homely feel.

The Annexe bedroom
The bedroom

The bedroom has gone from being a cold and damp room to a cosy double room with a set of drawers and a small cupboard.

We are really pleased with how the annexe feels now. Amazed that what was once an empty cold shell has now become a comfortable home.

With the annexe complete, we can now focus on working on the cottage. The first job to complete in the cottage is the pointing of the stone walls. We hope that by the end of the year to have completed the installation of a new staircase and log burner, which will bring us a step forward towards making the cottage comfortable for living in.


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