Penrhos Nature Reserve SAVED!

Penrhos Country Park, an ancient woodland dating back to the 1700s, homes rare and protected wildlife, came under threat of being demolished by Cumbria-based business ‘Lands and Lakes’ (L&L) which had planning permission to build a holiday park on the site.

In 2022 Penrhos Country Park won Fields in Trust Award for the UK’s favourite park, which attracted a lot of attention in the press nationwide.

Since planning permission was granted over 5 years ago, L&L tried and failed to get interested from sponsors and contractors to develop the project. This can residents of Anglesey raise awareness across the UK about the importance of stopping this development from happening. Funds were raised to employ a solicitor to look at the legality of the development and this letter shows that L&L planning is NO LONGER VALID.

Richard Buxton Solicitors has become the representative for the local residents to help blot out the plans to demolish the home of protected animals, plants and trees. Below is a copy of the letter sent to David Pryce Jones, who is the Planning Officer at the Isle of Anglesey Council. This was emailed on 25 January 2023.


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