Protected species and development

Protected species and development

Advice for local planning authorities

Source: Protected species and development: advice for local planning authorities – GOV.UK (

The above link has been shared with @angleseycouncil as a reminder of the laws they have broken by allowing planning permission for Land and Lakes to tear up the home of protected species. The following points were highlighted:

You should:
~ make sure developers use a suitably qualified and licensed ecologist to carry out surveys at the right time of year using appropriate methods
~ not decide on planning applications until you have received all the necessary surveys

Just in case they wanted more information, the link to the page about Protected Species and Development was shared on the @angleseycouncil’s Twitter feed. They have been reminded that:

You can refuse planning permission if surveys:
~ are carried out at the wrong time of year are not up to date
~ do not follow standard survey guidelines without appropriate justification
~ do not provide enough evidence to assess the likely negative effects on protected species



  1. Cynthia Chadwick

    This states quite clearly that our so much loved Penrhos Nature Reserve must not be ruined – that is so very clear, surely they must call in the plans NOW.

  2. Chas Davis

    We have a big problem in that the elected and unelected members of the Council have assumed the authority to make decisions without reference to the people they are supposed to serve.
    This slow erosion of the ‘sovereignty of the people’ over those who serve them has been an insidious virus promoted by those who have manipulated themselves into positions of – mostly unelected – responsibility.
    The Magna Carta exists for a reason – lest we forget.

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