September 2017

A collection of photos taken during September 2017 of various developments at Brynteg.

To start with, a few photos of the garden starting to look tidier.

  • Back garden from the entrance
  • Entrance to the front garden
  • Front garden from the driveway
  • Front garden from the road
  • The orchard garden
  • The wall garden from near the annexe
  • The wall garden from near the sheds

Whilst inside Brynteg work commences on taking the plaster off the walls and upstairs ceiling.

  • The downstairs bedroom
  • The lounge
  • The upstairs bedroom
  • The main upstairs bedroom

The demolition of the kitchen units…

  • Kitchen before demolition
  • Wall units removed
  • Base units removed
  • Kitchen demolition complete

…which soon become ashes.

  • Burning of kitchen units
  • Fire needs reigniting
  • A drop of fuel & boom
  • Last of the units burning
  • Kitchen units are now ashes