April 2019

Having pointed one wall in the downstairs bedroom, a decision was made to employ a Stone Mason to do the rest of the cottage. This gave time towards commencing work on the outside of the cottage.

This lovely bench was purchased from one of our neighbours, which will be put to good use in the garden. Perhaps by the Summer House.

The following slide shows work commencing on removing the concrete base from the porch garden. The concrete on the driveway and in front of the Annexe will also be removed. In its place will be gravel throughout. The gravel driveway will not only just look a lot better than concrete, but be perfect to allow rainwater to soak away quicker rather than puddles be formed on the ground.

Here once stood a concrete base for the oil tank, which was dismantled before the base was broken up so work could commence digging up the concrete for new drain pipes to be installed. This took one day to complete.