July 2018

Back in May 2018, Mark was removing the plaster from around the dining room window.

To Mark’s surprise and my amazement he wasn’t hurt, upon removing the plaster from the right side of the window, it was revealed that apart from the brickwork to the side of the window as seen in the photos that follow, there was hardly any stone wall behind the plaster.

The reason for this is unknown. Though it came to Mark’s realisation that the plaster was holding up the lintel above the window, which in turn was holding up the stone wall.

“What happened?” I hear you say.

The lintel and part of the stone wall above the window collapsed.

What I can reveal now is this is why over the last month I’ve uploaded mainly. You will also notice that in the May 2017 post, I showed photos of all but the dining window walls being stripped of plaster.

Looking at this photo you won’t think anything had happened. Though at the same time will answer the question of why Mark had pointed to this wall before finishing off removing the remaining plaster.

You can see in the above photos where the wall had collapsed from the fresh pointing Mark did to finish off rebuilding the wall.

Once this was complete, Mark was able to finish removing the remaining plaster from the rest of the dining room.

Whilst Mark was doing this, I was in the back garden cutting back bushes and brambles that grew behind where the caravan was.

The result of cutting back growth makes the garden feel bigger and more open.
Yet another bonfire set up ready for lighting.