November 2018

With the cold weather looming in, this gave us the opportunity to finish removing the plaster from the utility room and also take the bathroom back to a blank canvas.

First the kitchen. In the first of the following two slides, you can see the kitchen window is inset like the lounge and downstairs bedroom. This will make a nice feature for the kitchen sink to be inset with the dishwasher to the right and a set of drawers to the left of the window…I hope you can visualise this.

The second of the above slide shows the hole in the wall that was once a window that was transformed into a cupboard. The plan with this is to have a partition in the middle so the dining side will become a glass cabinet and the back entrance hall side will be a towel cupboard for the bathroom. The door to the bathroom can be seen through the hole.

Below are photos of the stone wall as seen in the utility room and back entrance hall. Even without the pointing, you can already see the character this cottage will have once completed.