January 2020

New Year, New Pipes

With the year starting off with watching fireworks in London with neighbours, we were amazed by the crowds and how much they must have spent to watch this spectacular display out in the cold when we watched it in the warmth of our home on the television.

Meanwhile, at Brynteg, the water mains were snug in their protective lagging and 2 large bags of gravel lay in the front garden waiting to be laid where the new drain pipes were to be installed.

Lagged water pipes in the Utility Room

The average temperature being between 5 and 10 Celsius, the first 2 weekends of January were spent waiting for the rain to stop before work began getting the ground levelled off ready for the new drains to be installed.

The Saturday of the second weekend the rain didn’t deter work. Even though it meant getting wet, what could be done was done.

New drain pipes for greywater

Luckily on Sunday, the weather was much kinder letting the work levelling the ground and applying the gravel to be completed. This was then left for a week to allow all to settle before it was decided if more needed to be done before laying the drain pipes.

Finally, the drains were laid and communication made towards a few contractors who will provide quotes for the installation of the underfloor heating system in both cottage and annexe.