Tree maintenance

A lot of the blogs over the years have been about renovations of the cottage and annexe. Now it is time to write about the land.

Over the years the garden has been transformed from an overgrown site with fencing dividing the land to a tidy open piece of land.

Now the nicer weather is here, work on cutting down self planting or dead trees commenced. This took a few days to complete, but the transformation, as a result, is outstanding.

There was a slight overgrowth to the side of the shed that needed clearing for gaining access to the back, where overgrowth had gone out of control over the years. There was a tree at the back of the shed that had been so overgrown with Ivy, that Ivy killed the tree and was keeping the tree up. Otherwise, the tree would have fallen onto the shed. To gain access to the Ivy and tree, all the overgrowth of brambles had to be cleared first.

Now for the hard part…removing the Ivy and tree. This took 2 days to complete. Some of it involved climbing up onto the roof to cut and pull Ivy and tree branches off the roof.

As well as the shed, other areas of the garden required either dead trees or self-planting trees to be removed. A total of 4 dead trees that were either overcome with Ivy or infection were removed. Whilst 10 small self-planting trees were removed from the front and back garden.


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