Lockdown & progression

Despite the circumstances with COVID-19, there has been a vast progression with the renovations of the cottage and annexe.

In October 2020 the new floor being installed, which has made a huge difference to both cottage and annexe, making both buildings feel more like a home than a building site.

Another job completed was the first phase of the electrics being installed in the annexe. This involved wiring the building ready for switches, sockets, lighting, etc that will be installed in the second phase once the insulated plasterboards have been installed.

Finally the replacement of the annexe roof, which has given the look of the exterior of the annexe a new lease of life.

Currently we are connecting the underfloor heating to the boiler and installing the thermostat ready for when the insulation in the annexe is installed. Once insulated, we will be able to activate the heating and allow the floor to gradually increase in temperature 5 degrees Celsius every 24 hours up to 35 degrees before gradually decreasing the temperature every 24 hours by 5 degrees before we can tile the floor.

We are getting closer and closer to finally move into the annexe before the caravan can be cleaned up and sold.


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