August 2020 – Back to work

It is so great to be back in Anglesey to continue with the renovations of the cottage and be amongst Anglesey friends once more.

It has been a very busy time away from Anglesey with work and leisure activities preventing us from sitting watching rubbish on the TV, which has helped to pass time and bring us to this day of being back in our favourite place.

The first weekend focused on getting the garden back under control cutting back 4 months worth of growth, which took a day to do. The remainder of the weekend was spent digging up the floor in the annexe, which didn’t take long to get a majority completed.

The second weekend focused on breaking up large rocks that were dug up to make them easier to move. The floor installation contractor made a site visit to see what further preparation work needed completing prior to installing the new floor. The good news is the contractor fed back no further digging is required.

The new floor will be installed in mid-September. YAY!

In the meantime, the focus will be tidying up the grounds. Happy days :o)


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