Update on lockdown

It has been a busy 3 months since lockdown commenced resulting in renovations on the cottage being placed on hold.

The first 5 weeks of lockdown I’ve been in furlough and returned to work, but working from home, on 1 May, which has been really busy.

During furlough a tribute film to Jim Henson to mark the 30th anniversary of his passing on 16 May 1990. His tribute can be seen on the studio page, mycamstudio.co.uk/jim-henson-tribute.

Blogs about the making of this film can be read here:

In my spare time since being back at work, maintenance on a Dalek has been completed and building of the TARDIS console commenced.

Blogs about these can be read here:

In regards to lockdown, it is hoped the Welsh government will follow with regulations brought out by the English government and allow travel and opening of businesses to commence once more to allow work to continue at the cottage.

In the meantime, happy reading of the blogs as linked above.


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